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What is LN Markets?

LN Markets is the first instant settlement Bitcoin trading platform.

Trading can be done directly from any Lightning wallet and enables super fast access to derivatives markets. Open a position by making a Lightning transaction, close the position and receive the money directly in your wallet, as easy as that!

LN Markets is an alpha software under active development since Mar 11, 2020.

Please use with care, LN Markets comes with no guarantees, use it preferably on Testnet or at your own risk.

Are there trading limits on LN Markets?

Yes, there are currently trading limits in place on the quantity traded (i.e. the number of contracts traded, each worth USD 1):

  • The maximum quantity per trade is USD 500,000.
  • The maximum quantity per account is USD 10,000,000.

Are there any geographical restrictions to use LN Markets?

Yes, an IP address blocking for US residents is effective on LN Markets.